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Our business thrives because we have a talented team of attorneys  using a tailored approach with each client engagement, and because we develop and sustain a long-term professional relationship with each client.

Our History


The private practice of Asher & Asher was conceptualized in 2003 to specialize in civil matters inclusive of commercial law, contracts, commercial collection, real property, and family law. Since then, the firm has expanded its practice areas to include immigration as well as accident, injury, and property law.


The firm's success is also due to the extensive experience of its attorneys who worked as mid-level to senior professionals in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures.


Driven by our passion for justice, equality, and equity, we are flexible, agile, and adaptive, which is evident in the personalized service we provide to each client.































Hiring a skilled attorney to represent you during a life-altering occasion is highly recommended. Don't wait until you are in a bind.






Retain an attorney to represent you and protect your interests today!





Our Vision


To build and retain an extensive network of legal professionals that provide research, advocacy, and solutions for our diverse clientele.


Our Mission


Our mission is to adopt roles designed to advocate for and garner results that create value for our clients, attorneys, associates, and organization.



Our Values


Our espoused values, to which we hold each other accountable for delivering service excellence, and for building the brand include:

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